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It is the policy of the Fulton County School system not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational program, activity, or service.  


Seeing how the Law and Justice Program fits into a student's high school plan is essential for planning the student's four year coursework. Students can still pursue many other options at Cambridge including dual enrollment, performing and visual arts as well as completing a course load that is competitive in the post-secondary/college application process. 

Program of Study 

Program of Study 

Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security 

Criminal Justice Essentials 

Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation - counts as fourth science credit

To learn more about these courses - Click Here 

Regular Schedule 

Schedule to Add FireFighting

Other Schedules

Depending on the student's desire to take certain classes, we can usually accommodate most courses. It is important for students to seek scheduling advice early to make sure they can fit their courses and complete the program of study. Students in band, art, drama, and even a student with 12 AP courses have all been able to complete the program. Planning is key! 

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